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Monday, July 2, 2012

Twenties ,, two-en-tee ?

Last week,, 27.6,, I turned twenty years old.. my mom said she get married at this age and gave birth to me 2 years later.. so she told me ( kinda 'ASK' me ) to tell her if I have someone I like (or love).. and I have never even have one.. =..=

I was like feeling something coming out of the nose...and it's my nose hairs..hahaha..just joking..even cancer patients wont have their nose hairs fall out like that..!

Since I currently teaching at a private secondary school,, so I didn't even have time to celebrate my birthday.. ~=.=~

I told my cousin (he's a guy) about that and he said, adult don't have time for silly things as that. Ok, now a piano fall on my head.. (zombieland famous zombiekilling af the day)

I even don't feel like opening my Facebook page because the hundreds of wishes from my friends just reminded me how old I am and how I can be playful anymore. Since I look so depressed, one of my students ask me why and I told him that.. You know what he told me back ?

He told me I look like a cat and a rabbit..If he were to have wife, he would want a wife like me !! haha.. I can't believe an 8 years old boy just made my mood up..

and I know even if my adult cousin said adults mean more responsibility and least fun..I'll just be my own adult..a fun but responsibility adult !

I drew something to thank my friends wishes on my Facebook wall.. what you think ?

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