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Monday, July 2, 2012

I don't feel like posting anything like this, but a lot of things happening around me make concern a lot. I've said in a post before that I feel some kind of responsibility towards the community..So, here we go ..

"I won't ever divorce you ! DO. YOU. HEAR. ME !!!"

That's the last time my husband ever came home. If anybody ever known us will only recognize our happily married life and even envied us. Yes, I'm the second wife and also have a nice relationship with my husband's first wife. Our children were also friends with each other. They even went to same schools.

That's enough to cover up the bitterness in our marriage. That's why people were shocked when I'm filing ' fasakh '. People were saying this and that just because I'm a second wife. I even received a message from the first wife saying that it serve me right that my marriage is at its end now.

I managed my husband motel from the paint color to the decorative plants outside the motel..and the business card was even write on my name and phone number so that customers was always keep in touch with me for any husband didn't want to divorce me because of my business woman talent and also he don't want to split the money to me..

Remembering how I end up marrying my husband 17 years ago, he seem like a nice guy with nice manner. He helped me a lot with my financial problem. I'm just a young girl back then struggling with money issues to helped my parents. I have 6 siblings more that were still in school.

I'm actually already engaged with a young guy back then, that's why I didn't very much gave my attention to my husband. But his attention and affection for me caught my heart. He has never gave up even though I never reply his love..serve me right to turn my ex-fiance for this monster !

But now its changed.. he still coming home on my turn and went to first wife house for her turn, which make me wonder how did he even have time to spend with his new girlfriend..for the last two years he's been seeing a 25 years old girl who is younger than his eldest son! I even get to know this because the girl called me telling that she's been sleeping with my husband at hotels, motels and chalet for the last two years.

My husband has even bank-in an enormous amount of money for her holiday ! even if my husband was rich man, I've never thought he would be that stupid. That girl was clearly trying to leech on him.

My niece is that girl junior in primary school and she was shocked to know this because the girl has already have a boyfriend. She knows that because they keep in touch sometimes when she met them at mall and some places too..

I tried to tell my husband and he tried to beat me..and that the end.. I'll do anything so that I'll free from that monster !

ps : the niece is me ~ ~=.=~

Twenties ,, two-en-tee ?

Last week,, 27.6,, I turned twenty years old.. my mom said she get married at this age and gave birth to me 2 years later.. so she told me ( kinda 'ASK' me ) to tell her if I have someone I like (or love).. and I have never even have one.. =..=

I was like feeling something coming out of the nose...and it's my nose hairs..hahaha..just joking..even cancer patients wont have their nose hairs fall out like that..!

Since I currently teaching at a private secondary school,, so I didn't even have time to celebrate my birthday.. ~=.=~

I told my cousin (he's a guy) about that and he said, adult don't have time for silly things as that. Ok, now a piano fall on my head.. (zombieland famous zombiekilling af the day)

I even don't feel like opening my Facebook page because the hundreds of wishes from my friends just reminded me how old I am and how I can be playful anymore. Since I look so depressed, one of my students ask me why and I told him that.. You know what he told me back ?

He told me I look like a cat and a rabbit..If he were to have wife, he would want a wife like me !! haha.. I can't believe an 8 years old boy just made my mood up..

and I know even if my adult cousin said adults mean more responsibility and least fun..I'll just be my own adult..a fun but responsibility adult !

I drew something to thank my friends wishes on my Facebook wall.. what you think ?