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Sunday, July 24, 2011

skyscraper ..?

the title really made me goosebumps somehow..
it was a title of Demi Lovato's latest song.. it was somehow relating my my life..

i have been an underdog before..
being unattractive young teen really depressive sometime..
however as time goes i realize beauty outside really got nothing to do with the inner beauty..
but inner beauty express the outer beauty make us look attractive in our own unique way..

" i'll be rising from the ground, like a skyscraper "
enjoy.. credit to lovely strong girl, Demi ..

Saturday, July 23, 2011

future ?

scared ~

anneyonghaseyo ~!

while having a seriously critical k-pop ( korean music ) wave ,, i'm still a normal 19 years old student who have 2 study hard for my exam..

if not,, how am i suppose 2 get nice job in future..
or.. can i just get a super rich billlionaire as my husband..?
 \('o')/ omoo ~!!
hahah... just kidding.. not even considering it..

i don't wanna depend on other people on getting what i want.. yes ,, i cry for my milk so that my mother would make some for me when i was a kid ,, but i mean in real life .. now and future..

frankly, i don't even having any slice of trust in my heart of having some other people taking care of me..

nothing is free in this world .. so i'm gonna take the pain so that i will get the gain..

nice day .. seeya~!!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

my kampong ..

i'll give a glimpse of my beloved hometown.. love the scenery so much that i can't help but snap some butt-kicking shots ~!  \('o')/
gotta say i love the sampan ..
going there with my cousins,, we really enjoy our time ..
she keep writing her name along the shores
my granny at her orchard :

i'm proud of being a kampong girl .. haaa...