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Monday, June 11, 2012

Sexual Harassment ?

Today I've encountered a new situation I've never experienced before. I don't even know how to put this into words but despite my anger, I'll try to tell it rationally and politely.. =.=!

I checked on my Facebook message inbox this morning just to find out a maniac pervert was saying something explicit and unacceptably sexual oriented.

He without any sense of shame for we don't really know each other just asking straightforwardly to do sex with me !

I was super furious at that time, and freezing in terror ..I even feel like choking on my own saliva and end up gasping for air..

This guy I thought, was super desperate or what ? Or is there any psychological term that I might don't know of regarding his act ?

Urgh ! I wasn't thinking anything else other than to screen-capture the chatbox and post it on my Facebook wall.. oh ,, and BLOCKING and REPORTING him for sexual harassment.

My male friends was showing their concern and disgust over this guy who's they stated as "the shame of homo sapiens" !

Guys,, please.. girls are not sex toy !! we do have dignity to respect even if you don't have some !

So,, what do you think ? Is he really the shame of homo sapiens ? or is there really some medical explanation on this ? ( other than crazy of course.. =.= )