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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Kampong Girl I am

I've told everybody that I'm proud to be a ' kampong girl ' or you guys might refer as the country girl in English .. Proves :

1.         I've brought my best friends ( and my ex-best friend ) to my grans house since I'm 13 and schooling at a boarding school .. I'm still bringing them ( except for my exs ) ..
2.       I've never been embarrass by my village even though some people do and some people thought I should have ( I'm proud though )
3.       I've always brought my friend into the woods to feel somewhat a ' back to nature ' feeling .. Haha ~

Last two weeks my friends and I have gone to the mangrove plantation ( kinda  swampy area near the sea with lotsa mud ) with my granny to dig ( or hunt ) the shells called ' siput ' in Malay ..

play dirt yall !

 And yep .. We as much as I can say without any much of experience in that field of 'work ' got a worth to be proud of results ..

And .. Its like 70 % my granny's effort and 30 % all 4 of us effort ,, and  it included 5 % luck ( at least for inexperienced us .. Hahah! )

# haaa… how I love my village .. Of course … I'm ' the kampong girl ' ..


  1. what??
    aku lupa lak bg jawapan..mcm best je tgk korang yang nak jelez ni..

    1. anda tingin ? sila daftar diri utk trip yg akn dtang..kekeke ~